ModCell® Panels are available in three variants:

ModCell® Traditional lime render

ModCell® Core 428mm non-rendered

ModCell® Core 378mm non-rendered

ModCell® Traditional panels are delivered to site with a two layer render finish inside and out. A finish skim coat is applied on site from a scaffold or cherry picker.

ModCell® Core  428mm and 378mm are factory finished fully closed, dry lined panel system using breathable sheathing boards in place of the lime render. The standard external finish is breathable sheathing board, battened ready to receive a variety of rain screen cladding systems. the internal sheathing board is ready to accept a variety of internal boards.

All panels are located with a tolerance gap between them and sealed using compressible tapes. Weathering details vary from project to project  and are developed by ModCell® in conjunction with the project designer. See typical details for recommended finishing and weathering details. 

ModCell® panels can be lifted into position on site using a telescopic arm or crane. The mass of the largest ModCell® panel is 1.7 tonnes. Panels are sealed using a range of airtight tapes. 

Weathering details vary from project to project and are not supplied by ModCell®.

ModCell® u Value data

ModCell® Traditional              = 0.18*
ModCell® Core 428mm          = 0.13
ModCell® Core 378mm          = 0.14

Current UK Building Regulations demand that a Cavity Wall has U Value of 0.18
*Centre for Window Cladding Technology model


**The ModCell® Core + System delivers on the demanding PassivHaus specification requirements for U-values, air-tightness and thermal bridging.

PassivHaus projects combine the excellent performance of ModCell® with improved glazing specification, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) and project and location specific design. We are able to deliver this as an additional service for our modular solutions.

Sequestered Carbon:

1m2 of ModCell elevation has 145kg of atmospheric CO2
Typycal 100m2 GIFA BaleHaus 43 tonnes of atmospheric CO2

Fire Performance

ModCell® Traditional          = 2hrs15mins
ModCell® Core  428mm     = 1hr
ModCell® Core  378mm     = 1hr

Acoustics - sound reduction

ModCell® Traditional          = 50db
ModCell® Core  428mm     = Please call
ModCell® Core + 378mm   = Please call

All ModCell® Panels can be manufactured in a variety of module sizes.

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