Built using the ModCell®  system of prefabricated straw bale cladding panels. This building is one of the largest straw bale buildings in Europe at 1,250m2.

In addition to the use of ModCell® Straw  Panels the building uses a number of sustainable design innovations:


The structure combines a thermally massive 

floor deck and a laminated timber frame. This combination provides a balance between thermal mass, integrated with an entirely passive natural ventilation system as wells as the use of high embodied energy materials.

The laminated timber frame supports a thin precast concrete deck just 150 mm thick. By replacing the need for a conventional steel structure, we reduce the emissions of CO2 created by the manufacture of steel, a high embodied energy material.

Timber is a renewable material that naturally sequesters carbon into its structure. As trees grow they absorb CO2, keeping the Carbon atom to make cellulose and giving the Oxygen atoms back to atmosphere. There are 800 kgs of Carbon in a cubic meter of timber.


The laminated timber frame at the York EcoDepot has 71.5 tonnes of carbon locked into its structure; this converts to 263 tonnes of CO2 saved from emission.

Each 3m x 3.2 m ModCell® panel has 1400 kg of atmospheric Carbon dioxide locked into its panel. The York EcoDepot uses 78 ModCell™ panels in total.

'Gold' Green Apple Award in the category of the Built Environment and Architectural Heritage scheme, run by the Green Organisation

Institution of Civil Engineers (Yorkshire & Humberside) ‘Highly Commended Award’

Considerate Constructors. 2007 National Award Winner. ‘Bronze’