Torfaen EcoBuilding, Wales.
Completed 2006.

The brief asked for a sustainable building that would promote innovation and sustainable building methods; not only through the activities that would take place within once it had been completed, but also through the ways the building itself has been designed.

A documented audit trail, produced in collaboration with the BRE, tracks the demolition materials of the previous building on site and monitors their re-use. All materials where selected for their locality to the project, aiming to reduce the amount of design miles the various components will travel to site.

As result of its pre-fabricated design, the building can be de-mounted for re-location to alternative sites around the country as a traveling demonstration project.


Constructing Excellence in Wales 2008 Award

Legacy Awards - Sustainability

The first official Fair Trade workplace in Wales. This award was presented to the EcoBuilding as it is committed to publicising the campaign and providing Fair Trade refreshments to visitors.

Shortlisted for the RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Wales Awards 2008 in the Sustainability category


Torfaen Awarded 'A' Rating for Energy Efficiency