Retail Value

ModCell® Renewable Retail is designed to meet the exacting Technical requirements of the retail sector. Its modular format and range of panel sizes makes it very adaptable to a wide range of sites and applications:

  • large units on retail parks;
  • small solutions for urban sites
  • refurbishment/extension of existing facilities.

Speed of construction is a key benefit, bringing buildings into operation faster than traditional construction methods.
ModCell®  Renewable Retail’s sustainable materials and low carbon business model support retailers’ corporate social responsibility strategies.

Performance & Design Quality

The ModCell® Renewable Retail specification delivers an economy.
appropriate balance between high environmental performance
and affordability.

Fire and moisture can be perceived as posing particular risks; this is a common misconception. ModCell® lime rendered panels have a fire rating of over 2 hours and have been subjected to accelerated weathering tests and a range of structural and performance tests at the BRE’s Centre for Innovation in Construction Materials at Bath University.
ModCell’s robustness and longevity has been shown to be in line with conventional building techniques and materials.

Economic Value

ModCell® Renewable Retail is a prefabricated, straw bale construction system that uses natural, low carbon renewable products and provides high levels of airtightness and thermal insulation.

The material palette and construction method combine speed with a wide range of aesthetic finishes to support brand identity.


We use local materials and labour to deliver a high quality, modern method of construction (MMC), reducing the negative environmental impacts of building. The prefabricated panels are constructed in a “Flying Factory™", located within ten miles of the construction site. This means we keep money in the local economy.