Ty Rosser Gwyn Homes now complete

We are delighted to announce that the houses for Bron Afon Community Housing are now finished. The three buildings are located in Garndiffaith, near Pontypool.

One unit uses the ModCell Core panel system and the other uses the slimmer version  ModCell panel system. The apartments were funded through the Welsh Assembly Innovative Housing Programme.

Each of the three units are divided into 4 apartments, each with two bedrooms, thereby creating twelve new homes.

The buildings recently had the acoustic performances checked against building regulations. We are pleased to say that they all exceeded the regulations.

The homes will be monitored for their energy use for a number of years. The building systems will then be compared to traditional buildings systems.

 The team

Bron Afon Housing 

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Bron Afon

Main contractor for the new homes was

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