Open Day - St Bernards Road 11th April 2015

ModCell are delighted to announce that you can visit the new straw bale houses for sale in Bristol. The Open day is on Saturday the 11th of April 2015. We are there between 10:00am and 5:00pm.

You could have register your interest in the houses on the St Bernards Road dedicated website. Aletrnatively you can just turn up on the 11th. The address is St Bernards Road, Shirehampton, BS11 9UR. We look forward to seeing you there.

Find out more about the worlds first straw bale houses for sale on the open market.


Behind the traditional brick elevation of the St Bernards Road development is a state of the art, super insulated, low carbon straw bale construction system by ModCell. The excellent insulating properties of straw encapsulated in the walls of the project can reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 90% compared to the average for Bristol.
The latest thinking in Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) means that warm stale air inside the house is exchanged with fresh air from outside. The system cleverly swaps the heat from the outgoing air into the incoming fresh air to ensure stable temperatures, better air quality and drastically reduces you heating bills and carbon footprint. The combination of straw bale construction and MVHR means your home stays warm in winter, cool in summer and looks after your health and wellbeing.