New Anglesey Primary School onsite.

The new Ysgol Rhyd Y Llan Primary School on the Isle of Anglesey is now onsite. ModCell have started installing the ModCell Core staw bale panels to the school. The panels started to be installed on Thursday 13th of October 2016. The walls will be finished in a range of surface materials. These include Rockclad Lines boards cladding, render and natural Welsh slate work.

The building has a central steel frame that forms the spine of the building, creating the main corridor between the classrooms, that sit on either side of the building.

The steel frame is also utilised at the entrance to the school. They help to form the main hall and reception areas. These rise to a height of just under 8 metres.

At the front and rear of the building the ModCell panels are connected to the steel frame. Along the side of the building the ModCell panels form the structural element of the building and replace the need for the steel frame. They also supply the supporting element to the roof along the side of the building.

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