On Thursday May 12th, ModCell® was awarded the Britweek UKTI Design Innovation Award at the Transatlantic Gala, held at the Fairmont Hotel. Competition was fierce, however the judges selected a technology that has the ability to directly impact people’s lives and energy bills.

Miles Ford, of ModCell® USA said “This is a great honor for us and it’s great to be recognised by the British American Business Council. ModCell® has the ability to radically challenge the way we build buildings, using a system that is better for the planet, better for the people who build and use these buildings and also good for the bottom line.”

What can we do for you?

ModCell® USA is looking for project partners and investors. Response to our arrival in San Francisco has been excellent but we’re still looking to break ground on our first US project. We can support your project with design services using our parametric software providing 3D visualisations, cost analysis and full detail drawings for your Modcell projects.

Our US office can also support project management, lead development, fundraising, sustainability consultancy and community engagement.

Contact Miles Ford on:
t: (415) 987 6845