ModCell research publication wins ICE Publishing Awards 2013

Each year, ICE Publishing acknowledges the best work published in their journals at the ICE Publishing Awards ceremony, held at One Great George Street in London, UK.

They award authors from both industry and academia who have produced work judged by their peers to be of exceptional quality and benefit to the civil engineering community.

Each paper is free to view on ICE Virtual Library as part of our commitment to furthering knowledge and best practice in civil engineering.

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The publication team won the Howard Medal Award in the category 'Construction Materials'

Development and testing of a prototype straw bale house; Katharine Wall; Peter Walker; Christopher Gross; Craig White; Tim Mander. Award: Howard Medal

The buidling that the research publication was based on was the BaleHaus at Bath

'As part of ModCell's ongoing research programme we have built a two storey BaleHaus on the campus of the University of Bath. The project is known as the BaleHaus@Bath.

The construction programme commenced on the 16th of June 2009 and was completed in September 2009.

The research will concentrate on a number of key area's including:

Thermal performance
Air tightness
Relative Humidity'

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