Hayesfield school featured in 'The Structural Engineer'

The Hayesfield School in Bath has been featured in the October 2014 edition of 'The Structural Engineer' Magazine.

The article is entitled ' Heart of the matter': The Nucleus at Haysfield Girls' School, Bath: achieving low embodied carbon using renewable materials

Authors from Integral Engineering Design describe how they met their client's brief for a new science department that would demonstrate sustainable building structures to students. The result - The Nucleus - is a carbon-negative structure which will offset its operational emissions for seven years using the ModCell strawbale wall and roofing system.

Author(s): Ralph Pelly and Tim Mander (Integral Engineering Design)

Synopsis (reproduced from article):

The Nucleus building at the Hayesfield School in Bath demonstrates how the innovative use of renewable construction materials can help achieve a highly sustainable structure with low embodied carbon, and how by considering the carbon sequestration of the renewable materials, this can result in a negative carbon footprint.

The embodied carbon of the structural components has been calculated in a 'cradle-to-gate' analysis. The results are presented and compared to the values for comparable structures built using modern methods in steel and concrete.