BaleHaus® at Bath has achieved and airtightness certificate of 0.86m3/hr.m2.

The current UK building regulations demand a minimum standard of 10m3/hr.m2. BaleHaus®achieved a result over 10 times better than this and meets the demanding PassivHaus standard

As part of the ongoing research into ModCell® and BaleHaus® an air tighness test was carried out by BAT Ltd (Building Analysis & Testing Ltd).

BAT were employed by ModCell® to undertake the building air leakage testing. The building is a naturally ventilated research building constructed using ModCell® panels.

The building air permeability and air leakage index were measured using the procedures detailed in ATTMA TS1 and BS EN 13829: 2000 with a view to establishing the performance for Building Regulations 2000 Part L2 Compliance. The test Method B as defined in BS EN 13829 was employed to test the building envelope thus allowing the designed ventilation openings to be sealed.

The building had no mechanical ventilation.

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